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With SALUS 2.0, TrackMe Pro brings you comprehensive Remote and Lone Worker solutions. From a fully managed monitoring service, to simple automated daily check-in schedules for Lone Workers, we can deliver a fully customised NZL supported system. App integration with leading providers give you more power to manage your staff. We use the best devices available that can deliver a comprehensive solution including GARMIN inReach Satellite Communicators, Iridium Satellite Phones, Iridium Go wifi and Spot Satellite Messengers.

Options include managed wellness checks, 2-way secure satellite communications, Passive Alert Services, geo-fencing alerts and fully customised check-in profiles for each worker. Customise your business by transferring existing connections or create your new Lone Worker program.

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Get the power of SALUS 2.0 looking after your greatest asset, your people.

Salus (Latin: salus, "safety", "salvation", "welfare").

A Roman goddess of safety and well-being (welfare, health and prosperity).

TrackMe Pro brings SALUS 2.0 online to create a comprehensive device configuration and safety profile management system. Keeping your workers safe just became more manageable. Using automated software to remind your staff when they should check-in, and alerting you when they don’t. Track and find your staff easily with customised websites, configurable web labels and path filters. Manage a single device or hundreds all with the power and security of Microsoft Azure cloud servers, SALUS 2.0 joins you to your workers in the field with 2-way Satellite Communications direct from your Tablet, iPad or PC.

API connections - SALUS 2.0 is smart, she can deliver all your satellite connections, check-in, and locations to other data providers so you can get the data delivered to your platform. SALUS 2.0 will configure and deliver the messages ultra fast so your system can display the data as if it were your own. Requires software modification and API configured.

When Emergency strikes SALUS 2.0 comes into her own, supplying our monitored Call Centre & Emergency services with your information, emergency contacts and exact location. Communicating with you directly and ensuring you get the very best help. A flat tyre in the middle of a desert road, or a broken ankle on a high mountain walking track, emergencies come in a variety of shapes, with 2-way Satellite Communications via SALUS 2.0 the guess work is removed and rescue can be tailored to suit the situation, saving time and lives, maybe even yours.

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